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Our Core Values

CHAC has identified our five Core Values (The 5C’s) that will guide and inform the delivery of our Programs, Services and Enterprise Operations. Above all we will always deliver these with absolute respect, care and integrity.

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our strategic philosophy

The Board of The Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation have developed our latest Strategic Plan to recognise the growth and new opportunities that have become available over the last five years of service delivery to our clients and stakeholders.
The CHAC Board has determined that The Strategic Plan will be structured around CHAC’s Core Values as these represent the outputs of our organisation and these values underpin the organisation's engagement with community, stakeholders and our clients, employees and members of CHAC.

Strategic Plan at a Glance

1 / Culture

Aboriginal Culture is central to all Programs and delivery of CHAC services.

All CHAC Staff engage all Clients and Stakeholders in a Culturally sensitive and inclusive manner.

All CHAC Clients Cultural sensitivities and needs are identified and understood by CHAC Staff when creating delivery options and pathways.

2 / care

CHAC understands the needs of our Members & Community Individuals to inform the type and delivery of our Programs and Services.

CHAC ensures that the outcomes of our Programs and Services to our Clients & Program Participants have met their needs.

CHAC ensures that our Employees performance, competence and Cultural sensitivity is measured against the outcomes of the Programs and Services they deliver.

3 / community

CHAC engages with the Community to enable our Services & Programs to meet the needs of the greater Circular Head Community.

CHAC conducts regular Community Wide Communication to ensure all Community members are aware of, and able to access suitable CHAC Programs.

4 / capacity

CHAC ensures public Grant funds are identified and sourced to address the identified Community needs.

CHAC identifies and obtains appropriate sources of non-Public funds to enable the organisation to build financial resilience through Commercial enterprises that enhance and promote CHAC strategic Goals.

CHAC ensures that our Financial, Operational and Administrative activities meet all Governance and compliance requirements through a robust Quality Improvement process and systems that meet appropriate Quality standards.

5 / capability

All Job Roles have their roles, responsibilities and accountabilities identified and include the appropriate qualifications and experience required to achieve the objectives required of all positions.

CHAC ensures that all selection processes for job vacancies is open and transparent to enable the selection of the most suitable candidate to meet the objectives and requirements of the advertised position/job role.

All CHAC Employees have their job performance assessed through an annual Performance Management process.

CHAC determines the skills, knowledge and competency requirements for all job roles through ongoing analysis.

All CHAC Employees and Board Members are supported to ensure they have the ongoing professional development that meets the skills, knowledge, qualifications and competency requirements to achieve their job role Objectives.

All CHAC Employees have the appropriate level of training and understanding of Cultural awareness and Cultural sensitivity to enable them to understand and accommodate all Cultural sensitivities of CHACs Clients and Stakeholders.

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