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Updated: Jan 25, 2023

CHAC Pooracannabeh

Welcome to CHAC Pooracannabeh

CHAC Pooracannabeh (speak), is a blog voiced by CHAC members, staff and the Circular Head Community. It's Blog for this Community by this Community. Consider it a Letter to the Editor if you will.

It can vary in nature from cultural pieces, to political opinion pieces to historical pieces and everything in between.

This is a platform where our community can speak freely, but also a platform for them to educate and share knowledge.

Coming to you weekly

We will be posting weekly into any of the above categories.

Contact Us now to make a Submission


Subscription services will follow.

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1 Comment

Jan 25, 2023

I love that ALL members can contribute and look forward to doing so myself in the future 🥰

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