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Katie's Corner

A time for our elderly to come together, have a yarn and share a meal with community.

Each Friday, as part of our Aged Care Service Programs, we offer a 2-course lunch to our clients, referred to as "Katies Corner".

What began as a small weekly community and volunteer ran lunch facilitated here at CHAC, developed into what is now known as Katie’s Corner. Kate Horton was a prominent participant in this community venture, and when she passed away in 2005 it was only fitting that the lunch be named after her, henceforth, Katie’s Corner. Together with CHAC staff, her family helped to build Katie’s Corner into what it is today. Her legacy continues to shine through in the CHAC staff and into those who continue to participate in the lunch.

Katie’s Corner is a two-course lunch that operates every Friday to the clients who are part of our Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home and Community Care Program (HACC). This meal is provided at a very small cost, and the setting is as much a space for social interaction and building friendships as it is for receiving a healthy and nutritious meal. Katie’s Corner creates a great opportunity for clients to be receiving appropriate nutrition while our coordinators can spend the time interacting with them to ensure they are receiving the right care in their homes, as well as hosting informational sessions. For this reason, we will also aid in transport where necessary, to bring and return clients from their home to Katie’s Corner.

With a recent sponsorship from Greenhams, we are now fortunate enough to be able to provide high quality and consistent meat based meals to the participants.

Ultimately though, the Greenham's Sponsorship has benefits that transcend Katie’s Corner—Greenhams is a central part of the Circular Head Community providing numerous jobs for the area. Given CHAC’s expansive reach throughout all facets of the Circular Head community, it is humbling to see community helping community, so that we can continue to deliver these critical programs.

Operates weekly on Friday at 12pm - $9.00: 2 course meal.

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