White Ribbon Day

The campaign culminates on White Ribbon Day (25 November) each year, when men and women across Australia are called to wear a white ribbon or wristband as a visual symbol of their commitment and oath. … They began the White Ribbon Campaign to urge men to speak out against violence against women.

Who Created White Ribbon?

In 1991 they initiated a male-led movement known as White Ribbon, with an annual awareness-raising event (White Ribbon Day) held between 25 November and 6 December. It is now an international effort in over 57 countries, of men and boys working to end violence against women.

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation (CHAC) hold a ceremony each year in Smithton to raise awareness of this issue.

This year the ceremony will be held on Monday 27th November 2017.

For further information contact reception on 6452 1287.


 White Ribbon