Prisoner Through Care

The Prisoner through Care Program is a program designed to reintegrate prisoners who upon release are facing difficulties getting their life back on track.
Self-referral, other service providers and family members can refer people into the program.

The program also assists the families of prisons to visitations with transport and support.

It works on pre-release schedule of 8 weeks; and 12 weeks upon being released.

The services provided are there to assist in regaining their lifestyle back in their community.

Services Provided:

• Referrals
• Accommodation
• Centrelink
• Counselling
• Connecting clients back into the community
• Rebuilding relationships with family and community
• Transport and assisting families to prison visits
• Supervision
• Ongoing support upon release
• Employment
• Basic counselling
• Health
• Drug and alcohol counselling
• Mental health referrals
• Family activities