Our Vision



To gather our cultural seeds, nurture and reap the rewards for future generations by:
Researching our cultural past
Reviving and utilising our local language
Maintaining cultural traditions, practices and protocols
Educating the public
Embracing and utilising the knowledge and wisdom of the Elders

Caring for the Heritage and maintaining culture of the Circular Head region is of the utmost importance to the Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation.  Transferring the knowledge of the culture and the pristine environment to our your generation is an important process to ensure that culture is not forgotten.
CHAC promotes Reconciliation and will continue to promote the process.


To facilitate and promote reconciliation and empowerment through:
Enhancing communication
Building a network of trusting relationships throughout the community
Facilitating access to choices and informed decision making skills
Listening to the needs of the community



To rebuild and celebrate the spirit of individuals through:
Reconnecting them as part of the community
Respecting cultural sensitivity
To engender a sense of purpose for each individual within the community



To reconnect, care for and nurture the land through:
Protecting and managing the land with and for Aboriginal people
Protecting and maintaining cultural heritage sites in our area
Generating income through production from the land



To create a future for young people through:
Inspiring, empowering and encouraging them to manage and own their projects and programs.
Setting positive examples and presenting constructive role models