Our History

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation (CHAC) became incorporated in 1994.

CHAC is governed by the Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (CATSI) Act. CHAC has evolved into a supporting caring community organisation empowering the Australian Indigenous People/s of Circular Head to self-determination. With approximately 40 full and part-time workers and a team of volunteers, CHAC has implemented an important range of community and commercial services critical to the needs of health and wellbeing of the Australian Indigenous People/s of Circular Head. CHAC has become a valued contributor to the advancement of positive proactive attitudes that remain in the community.

CHAC currently have 6 active directors on the board. 4 of the six directors have undertaken business governance courses to ensure the skills and knowledge they have learnt is beneficial to the organisation.

CHAC was originally formed by a small group of people for the purpose of gaining cultural knowledge and recognition.

In 1994 the organisation delivered two programs (Drug and Alcohol) and (Family Support) from the rear of the dentist building in Smith Street Smithton. Two staff and several volunteers ensured the programs were delivered effectively. It wasn’t long before CHAC outgrew the building because the support and needs of the community became very strong.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) came to the rescue in 2002 and purchased the building at 10 King Street Smithton which was renovated and extended thanks to funding by Former Australian Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA). CHAC are now able to deliver 24 programs.

CHAC continued to grow as an organisation and soon needed larger office space, community rooms and service delivery suites.  The building at 10 King Street was extended to accommodate these needs via funding from FaCHSIA in early 2011.  Building extensions were completed in July/August 2011.

CHAC self funded the purchase of what now is know as the CHAC Health Building in October 2011.  Renovations commenced soon after and services began immediately upon completion with the Department of Health Programs Mums and Bubs and Medical Outreach.  Now the building facilitates “TAZREACH” which was known as the Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program (MSOAP) prior to 2013.  A broad range of specialist services are currently delivered, including Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) – Dental Services, National Hearing Care and Footprints Podiatry.  Complimentary counselling services are provided by Youth Family and Community Connections and Relationships Australia.   Centrelink and Mission Australian Employment also deliver services.

CHAC continues to expand services to fill service gaps within the community.

The majority of programs are funded by Australian Federal Government.