TAZREACH at the Health Building

* PODIATRIST: Julian Varney holds a clinic every two months

* PSYCHOLOGIST: Charl Fourie visits every Friday.

* PSYCHOLOGIST: Bernadette Smith visits usually three times per month.

* EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST: Simon West visits once a month.

* CANCER COUNCIL: Guy Carey visits approximately 4 times per year, running group sessions raising awareness on the cancers that affect us – eg: Sun Smart, Women’s Health, Men’s Health  and Quit Smoking.

* DERMATOLOGIST: Jenny Cahill visits twice yearly for skin cancer screening.

* PEADIATRIC EAR HEALTH – Australian Hearing visits twice per year for a two day visit.

* DIETICIAN: Diabetes Tasmania visit six times per year.

* OPTOMOTRIST: Eyelines visits four times per year.

* PEDIATRICIAN: Heinrich Weber visits every second month.

*The TAZREACH services provided are for Australian Indigenous People/s, however, most services try and accommodate others if possible.


PODIATRIST: Julian Varney holds his private clinic Footprints Podiatry weekly on a Thursday, all people are welcome. HICAPS & EFTPOS facilities are available


Logo-TAZREACHimage: S Brake 2013