CHILDREN & SCHOOLING – Early Childhood Program | Smart Strong & Proud


The Early Childhood Program aims to assist Indigenous Australian People/s that are vulnerable or disadvantaged to increase and maintain family relationships and support through transitions to child care, pre-school and primary school. The program proactively addresses social, cultural, personal, historical, financial and health factors that can present barriers to effective parenting.

The playgroup offers 2 x 2 hour sessions per week.


Our aim is to support families to build on:

• An equal start in life for Indigenous Children
• Strong parent/child relationships
• Improved parenting competence and style
• Increased knowledge and skills related to family functioning, family safety and child development
• Increasing social, civic and economic participation through provision of skills and support leading to improved connection to community
• Improved community interests and capacity to own and respond to early childhood, and issues that relate to families and  communities
The Smart Strong & Proud Program will endeavour to engage the Indigenous Australian People/s of Circular Head in activities that build parenting skills; parent & student engagement with schools, empowering both parents & students. This program aims to promote positive interactions between parents & high school aged children within their family unit, schools & community by: Convening parent groups to provide support for Indigenous Australian parents with high school aged children. Set up support groups in specific areas of need.

Our aim is to:

• Engage parents in activities that build on parenting skills
• Support day to day needs of children and support school work
• Develop activities that engage parents and/or students after school and through school holidays
• Engage parents with positive relationship development with schools and community
• Assist parents develop and build on their personal literacy and numeracy
• Provide one-on-one support for high school aged children to enable higher attendance rates